Autoimmune Disease & Chronic Illness Focus

Environmental toxins in our modern world are exponentially growing and in turn chronic diseases are increasing at an alarming rate in children and adults. Underneath these chronic diseases is immune system dysfunction and under that is the “why” the immune system became compromised. Autoimmune disease arises when your immune system does not recognize something in your own body and starts misfiring, attempting to get at “it.” This can cause physical damage to your organs – from your thyroid in the case of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to your joints in the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The problem is that once there is physical damage it becomes hard to reverse, so you want to get an autoimmune condition under control as quickly as possible. 


Our Unique “Deeper” Approach     

First, we collect a very comprehensive medical history. These intake forms are very important and need you your careful attention, they’ll include a” timeline” of your history. During this process, we garner very important information which usually reveals some triggering factors. Common ones are a period of extreme stress from life events, exposure to toxins, or perhaps a change in you diet or other toxic exposure etc. You will be answering questions that most likely no other doctor has ever asked before. From this history Dr. B will make a hypothesis as to what might be the underlying cause of your current medical problem. Then we confirm suspicions with very specific labs using the latest cutting-edge testing. Once all the results are in a Comprehensive Treatment Plan will be shared that includes details on treatments, the order/timing in which they should be delivered and estimated costs.

LABS It’s common many patients approach us after years of a downward health spiral with no answers and a pile of lab results. Many others feel that they have never had solid test results or have really gotten to the bottom of the root cause of their issues. We will help in either case because we specialize in doing unique medical detective work to get to the bottom of what’s really going on. 

Do I need to get labs/tests run? We can accept recent labs + relevant tests to review (upload to our patient portal) but in our experience most previous labs are insufficient for the in-depth investigation that we need to unpeel the onion to the bottom. If needed, additional labs will be ordered after your first consult. As an example, this may include blood screening labs, mycotoxin testing (mold) or heavy metal testing and many others. 

POWERFUL TREATMENTS  We don’t subscribe to doing things in the short run that may hurt in the long run. Deeper Healing uses effective tools that don’t usually involve antibiotics or harsh medications that may mask symptoms but, in the process, disrupt your microbiome, increase inflammation, have terrible side effects and sets you up for the downward spiral. Our goal is to retrain your immune system so that it gets back to functioning normally, doing the important work of protecting you from real threats to your health, while promoting healing. Deeper Healing uses a progressive medical toolbox for healing. Our belief is that your body must do the healing work or you will not experience lasting results. 

Compassionate Care

Because Dr. Bauerschmidt learned so much through his own personal health journey he understands “the hole.” He always says, “we figure out how you got in the hole, pull you out of the hole, and then teach you how to keep from plunging into darkness again.” Dr. B and the experienced team at Deeper Healing understands what the patients are going through: pain, brain fog, and many other symptoms that can derail them from taking the right steps toward healing. Our team is a huge support for our patients.

Ongoing support and education  

In addition, we support with counseling on diet, emotional stress management, and environmental/physical lifestyle habits that support your healing, help you avoid toxins and keep you healthy. We want you live a life “well” lived!

From Almost Wheelchair Bound to Skiing Again!

Almost 2 1/2 years ago, after a decade of declining health, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the time I had difficulty walking, driving my car and even holding a cup of coffee. I had vision, speech and memory prob- lems. I also had severe fatigue and it was quite normal for me to spend half of my day in bed. I started taking daily injections, but things just kept getting worse. I was just a few months away from needing a wheel chair. Then I met Dr. Bauerschmidt who not only took the time to listen, but actually cared. He ran lots of tests and I was off the charts on heavy metals and allergic to lots of different foods. With Dr. Bauerschmidt’s Detox Program, diet and supplements my life has totally turned around. This last winter I went skiing in the Pyrenees Mountains which is something I had never thought I would be able to do again! Last month on a visit to Rome, I walked 8-10 hours a day for 4 days without any problems. Dr. Bauerschmidt gave me my life back.   Tone, France

Dr. B recorded this short video after learning about more government environmental rollbacks… It is imperative to do your best to avoid toxins in everyday life and know that we help cleanse the body in office. 

your wellness is our mission

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