Become a Deeper Healing Practitioner 

 Want to become the go-to practitioner in your community?
Want to learn innovative approaches that have been used successfully
on some of the hardest chronic cases across the country?

Due to the demand, Dr. Bauerschmidt will be mentoring a select group of practitioners in his DEEPER Healing process and protocols. This is not a functional and environmental course, this is a practical how-to and you will get to see how these uniquely designed protocols work beautifully together. Learn why patients come from all over the country to experience a different type of medical practice and see the results for yourself. 

Experience seeing hopeless patients return to life is beyond fulfilling. 


“We weren’t trained for this and as the world changed, the needs changed and so must we.
We must evolve to meet the needs of a toxic population struggling in the dark.” – Dr. B

What you can expect…

  • Learn an entire new approach that has been proven to work quickly and effectively.

  • Bring these proven protocols to your clinic and become the practitioner of choice in your community.

  • Learn a practical approach to functional and environmental medicine with effective protocols. 

  • Create a fulfilling practice by truly helping your patients get back their health and their lives.

  • Implement a cash-based practice model that is clinically effective and financially rewarding, with tested operations and marketing support.

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when we know what we know, we must help more…

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