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Mold illness is real and truly a silent epidemic. Sadly, 99% of the time it is missed and misdiagnosed as a mystery illness, or put off as something else. Mycotoxin poisoning (mycotoxicity) and invasive fungal infections just don’t go away. #readthatagain It can cause autoimmune disease and is often misdiagnosed as Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Sarcoidosis. Causing health damage for years to come. Many patients approach us after years of a downward health spiral with no answers and a pile of lab results. Mold is common culprit. We use our in-depth patient questionnaire to learn about potential environmental exposures. When we suspect mold and the patient “is sure” they haven’t had any exposure, that is until we ask the right questions and do the right tests. In the end, finding out can be game-changing.

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Do not delay if you suspect that someone you care about is being affected by mold illness. It is not always at home. We also see schools, dorms, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and restaurants making people ill. A silent epidemic of bad building practices and poor maintenance.

Symptoms of Mold Issues

  • Cognitive Impairment Difficulties: recent memory, assimilation of new information, word finding, handling numbers and confusion, concentration, disorientation, “brain fog” 
  • Digestive System diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal tenderness or pain, diarrhea, loose stools, intestinal hemorrhage, liver involvement, anorexia, enteropathy, ulcers  
  • Eyes + ENT Eyes tear, sinus congestion/drainage, increased thirst, throat irritation, sinusitis, metallic taste in mouth 
  • Immune System Suppression or upregulation, GSH deficiency inducing inability to detoxify Hg/pesticides 
  • Kidneys Urinary frequency/urgency, glomerulonephritis 
  • Lungs Shortness of breath, cough, respiratory tract damage, asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  • Metabolic Appetite swings, body temperature dysregulation, narcolepsy
  • Musculoskeletal Joint pain, morning stiffness, muscle cramps, pain
  • Nervous System Tremors, incoordination, depression, headache, tremors, seizures, vertigo, static electric shocks, vibrating or pulsing sensations running up and down the spinal cord.
  • Reproductive System Infertility, changes in reproductive cycles, impotence, can create estrogen dominance in men and women, premature thelarche, pubarche and breast enlargement  
  • Respiratory System Respiratory distress, bleeding from lungs
  • Skin Rash, burning sensation, sloughing of skin, tingling, photo and touch sensitivity, unusual skin sensations   
  • Vascular System Increased vascular fragility, hemorrhage into body tissues, or from lungs 

Clear the Mold, Confirm with Labs

This patient did many protocols without success before coming to us, she was amazed how quickly she saw results and gave permission to share her mycotoxin before and after results. Here is her review: My Stay + Heal at Deeper Healing was such an amazing experience. This is the first time that I have walked into a practice and truly felt that I was being taken care of head to toe, that MY particular needs would be addressed, and there would be a continuity of care plan. The amount of healing that I achieved as well as tools and knowledge for continuing to heal is mind boggling—more than I have achieved than the years of doing the protocol from a prestigious neuro-immune institute, and way more than I got from Cleveland. Cheryl, Florida 

Half the battle is knowing why you’re sick…

and treating with the right tools in the right order. 



We offer home and body mold testing that can determine if you have a fungus, or mold-related illness from a contaminated environment such as your home, place of employment or school. This can be done in-office or shipped to your location. 

We also recommend home inspectors, home mold testers, and remediation specialists. We recommend products and protocols to deal with your home and items inside. We offer treatments to address your health, pulling down your toxicity levels in a timely and tolerable manner. No one understand this battle better than an expert physician who has been through this nightmare himself (story below).

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Dr. B‘s Mold Awakening…

As Paul Harvey would say “and now for the rest of the story”

For several years after beginning the practice of Functional Medicine I found that simply balancing hormones, fixing the gut, and helping people address their adrenal fatigue left about 20% of patients that were just not getting better as much as desired. Being a tenacious sort, I began to deep dive into the why? The answer came in a year-long Environmental Medicine course where I learned the impact of things like pesticides, herbicides, plastics, teflon, chemicals, toxic metals and mold on our health. This course was so impactful that I committed to devoting the rest of my life to helping people overcome illness due to environmental factors. I closed my Functional Medicine practice and moved halfway across the country to start an Environmental Medicine cleansing program at a very prestigious Functional Medicine Clinic. Quickly upon arrival I developed extreme fatigue followed by brain fog. My brain fog was so severe that while talking to a patient I began struggling to remember what I just asked. At the same time, my recent abdominal surgery that had been healing well started developing complications which landed me back in the hospital for more surgery. Even with the best minds at my fingertips, no one could understand what was happening.


Boom. One day walking in the lower level where the library was I noticed water leaking in during a rainstorm. It hit me like the concrete wall I was looking at; I wasn’t suffering from severe adrenal fatigue from my two surgeries, closing a practice and moving my family halfway across the country following my professional passion… I was suffering from mold illness. The timing could not have been worse, the mold exposure had caused dysregulation of my immune system at a critical healing time after surgery. Despite consulting with my colleagues and mentors in Functional and Environmental medicine, my downward spiral was difficult to stop in time for my surgeries to heal. Unfortunately, it led me to have to endure a total of 5 painful abdominal surgeries and through it I lost many feet of intestines.


To save my life, I dove deeply into mold recovery and at that time there were only two camps for mold illness. One program didn’t seem to address the mold directly and the other protocol addressed only the mold and not the other downstream effects on the body. I realized that neither were addressing the whole picture. So, through research, experimentation and testing, I developed my own hybrid program that I now offer to patients to successfully deal with all aspects of mold illness. I literally paid with my guts and hope that my journey will help others recover from the nightmare of mold illness. 


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