Rejuvenace… A Powerful Cellular Cleanse 

The Rejuvenace protocol is a hallmark treatment at Deeper Healing, created by it’s founder Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt when he was unable to find a powerful detoxification protocol that was practical and affordable. Deeper Healing has helped thousands reduce their total body burden and use the oxygen “the great healer” by delivering it deeply into the cells. Deeper Healing tirelessly educates on the importance of regular cleansing (removing and avoiding toxins) in order to thrive while living in our toxic modern world with constant chemical exposureSince 1900, over 140,000 new chemicals have been invented and manufactured. Chemicals that have not been made in over 30 years are still showing up in the cord blood of infants born today. #readthatagain  

Total body burden is key because many of the toxicants are stored and held tightly in tissues – body fat, bone, organs, kidneys and brain. With the multitude of toxicants found in our water, air, food and the constant barrage of chemicals in our environment, it is no wonder we are seeing the rampant health issues in our country. Environmental toxicity is the stone that is not being turned over and why so many are not able to recover from so many ailments. 


We see patients who have tried to "cleanse" using diets and supplements. It is like adding premium gasoline to a broken engine and wondering why the car isn't running. The detox engine must be fixed first. The cellular cleanse does just that, it fixes the engine.  - Dr. Bauerschmidt

Using space to win the race…

The physician-designed 4-step Rejuvenace protocol is an efficient way to deeply fill the body with healing oxygen while removing toxins at the cellular level. First one-on-one guided Altitude Contrast Exercise w/oxygen is followed by lymphatic drainage+ on a NASA-designed micro-impact platform. Step 3, slip into our “best-in-class” handcrafted basswood infrared sauna with full red light + salt to move toxins out of the body. Immediately followed by in-suite shower. Towel service and detox + electrolyte drinks are provided at each session. 

By doing a course of Rejuvenace at Deeper Healing, patients dislodge these deep seated toxicants and give them an open door to leave the body, allowing the body’s natural cleansing systems to take over. It’s the protocol Dr. Bauerschmidt designed and used on himself to overcome his own severe illness from mold exposure. It focuses on moving toxicants from inside your cells to outside your cells where they can be picked up by your blood and lymphatic system. From there they are transported and ultimately released through sweat, liver and kidneys. These sessions are done daily by our Stay+Heal patients. Think of it as a one-way flight, right out of your body.

On a mission

Deeper Healing is on a mission to educate 1 million people around the world about the importance of avoiding toxicants as much as possible and as well as the importance of regular cleansing (removing and avoiding toxins). It’s necessary to thrive in our modern world. That’s why regular cleansing to keep your body burden at bay is increasingly important.  With the multitude of toxicants and endocrine disruptors found in our water, air, food and the constant barrage of chemicals in our environment, it’s necessary in order to prevent hormonal imbalances and  chronic diseases. If you want to stay lean, sharp and agile for life you’ll want to experience the cellular cleanse.

your wellness is our mission

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