Experience a drug-free brain treatment that works on many mental issues such as ADD, ADHD, depression and anxiety with MicroCurrent Neurofeedback in Mt. Pleasant, SC

We recognize that having sound emotional health is key to having a quality lifestyle and healthy body. At Deeper Healing we believe in the bodies natural ability to heal. We believe in giving it the tools to heal itself in a way that is sustainable and not reliant on external factors that could be harmful or unsustainable. Many learn at Deeper Healing that under their “health symptoms” is built up toxicity that no one has investigated, often these are big missed contributors of many mental and physical issues. We dive deep. We look at the whole picture and whole person. We recognize the magnitude of people that are suffering physically and mentally and often the standard course of medical treatment is pharmaceutical. These medications often have short and long-term effects that many of our patients find unacceptable and they’re searching for something different for themselves, their teens and children. This is where the Brain Align Program is incredibly useful and effective. And, because the Brain Align treatments are done under the auspices of an MD, traditionally-trained and then functionally-trained, if a patient is in need of weaning off medications during the course of their treatment they can do so under MD supervision.


Conditions Alleviated 

Brain Align has shown benefits for people suffering from the conditions listed here and many more:

  • Addiction

  • ADHD/ADD   

  • Alzheimers

  • Anger/Rage     

  • Anxiety     

  • Autism    

  • Chronic Illnesses 

  • Concussion     

  • Dementia     

  • Depression     

  • Eating Disorders     

  • Epilepsy     

  • Headache

  • Insomnia     

  • Migraines         

  • Sleeplessness     

  • Memory Disorders

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Parkinson’s Disease    

  • Post Traumatic
    Stress Disorder    

  • Stroke  

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

WHAT IS BRAIN ALIGN? Imagine re-booting a piece of stuck software, for your brain.
MicroCurrent Neurofeedback (MCN) is brief micro-stimulation to the brain that creates
a temporary fluctuation in brainwaves. It is not like traditional neurofeedback, but instead allows the brain to reorganize itself, to balance and release from frozen, stuck patterns. The treatment called Iasis creates dramatic results in a short period of time, producing measurable changes in the brainwaves without conscious effort from the patient. Long lasting results are cumulative and involve a “course” of treatments, resulting in a changed brainwave state. Offering patients a positive, enduring, and sustainable outcome. The conditions helped have a common denominator: the brain is “frozen” in a dysfunctional homeostasis. It is affordable, safe, painless, non-invasive, drug-free and effective for adults, teens and children. Patients begin with Dr. Bauerschmidt providing a Cortical Map Screening to see where their brain is at upon arrival and a course of treatments is prescribed based upon their individual factors. Follow-up screenings demonstrate progress.

HOW DOES IT WORK? By using carefully calibrated electrical signals (EEG electrodes), Iasis MicroCurrent Neurofeedback communicates with the brain to nudge the central nervous system back into balance. Unlike medications, this has the potential to produce long lasting modifications to the unbalanced brain in order to guide it toward optimal health and performance. While the patient is seated, five lightweight electrodes are placed at different specific areas on their head and neck. These areas are cleaned off and a soft conductive paste is applied to hold the electrodes in place. The position of the electrodes will vary through the course of the treatments. The technician is with you the entire time and the sessions require no conscious effort on the part of the client. The session time is 45 minutes and includes discussion time with the Brain Align practitioner at every visit.

SAFE For such an effective process, Brain Align is extremely safe. The Iasis MicroCurrent Neurofeedback we use employs an FDA registered EEG amplifier and is extremely safe. The amplifier is small, lightweight and portable. The transmitting signals are about 1/300th of a cell phone and can last for as little as 1/100th of a second. With over 100,000+ recipients, there have been no reports of undesirable effects. Patients sit passively during the treatment and most experience no physical sensations during the treatment.

Transformative. Sustainable. Effective.

We see patients who have tried to "cleanse" using diets and supplements. It is like adding premium gasoline to a broken engine and wondering why the car isn't running. The detox engine must be fixed first. The Rejuvenace cleanse does just that, it fixes the engine.  - Dr. Bauerschmidt

It is our hope to help as many patients as possible return to a healthy homeostasis state so that they can live full lives to their highest potential. All of our patients get educated on the DEEPER philosophy of living well to maintain their results.


SIGNIFICANT RESULTS As the brain learns to function in this more efficient manner, it becomes accustomed to this higher-functioning way of being, and the effects last longer and longer. It’s as though the brain recognizes the reflection of itself, in its own language, and makes the appropriate adjustments, forming new habits in the process (amazing!). These effects are independent of age, comprehension, or physical or mental capacity.  Initial changes are temporary and last longer with each treatment. You, your family and friends will likely begin noticing the shift in mood/behavior in the first 3-6 sessions. Early changes may be temporary because the results are cumulative and hold longer with each treatment. As you continually improve and the treatment benefits last longer we increase the time between sessions until they become enduringly sustainable and you no longer need treatment at all. While a small number of patients require “tune-ups” for the most part patients say their improvements are substantial and benefits endure. While the number of sessions depends on the individual and the severity of their condition, most report enduring and sustainable changes between the 10-20 treatment mark. We offer the discounted starter package for this reason. It’s incredible to witness the brain regaining a healthier homeostasis state and a natural resistance to returning to an old dysfunctional (stuck) state. 

CONSTANT ASSESSMENT The brain practitioner works closely with each patient. Every session has a consult to review progress and their home observations. It is not always possible to predict who will have a stronger reaction, and again this is not a bad thing, it is your nervous system responding and in fact is seen as a very positive sign that change for the better is happening. Suspend any disbelief and give yourself permission to allow yourself to simply observe any changes. Please let us know if you experience any unpleasant feelings, as we often suggest following up after such an occurrence with a brief gentle treatment to calm the nervous system and help bring about homeostasis. We recommend keeping a journal of your experiences. To hear more stories. 

TEENAGERS/CHILDREN The brain practitioner works closely with each patient (and parents) appropriately based on age and relationship. Every session has a consult to review progress and home observations are key to the best outcome. Often parents will notice the changes at home before the children verbalize them. Teenagers are facing many new pressures and toxic areas to navigate, we understand that. We try to help them by sharing our DEEPER healing philosophy to give them the skills to learn how to maintain a healthy mind and body for life.

your wellness is our mission

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