Purposeful Protocols, Powerful When Combined

We believe in your body’s ability to heal. We really do. We believe that to get lasting results you cannot rely on short term solutions and you must get your body to do the work for lasting results. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all treatment approach. Having everything under one roof, we can offer a range of targeted, highly effective services that work synergistically. Each patient gets a treatment plan specifically designed for them, delivered in the right priority, for their unique needs. Here you can dive more deeply into each service individually but know they are often prescribed together for maximum benefit.

Rejuvenace Cellular Cleanse

Our physician-designed 4-step Rejuvenace protocol is an efficient way to deeply fill the body with healing oxygen while removing toxins at the cellular level. First one-on-one guided Altitude Contrast Exercise w/oxygen is followed by lymphatic drainage+ on a NASA-designed micro-impact platform. Step 3, slip into our “best-in-class” handcrafted basswood infrared sauna with full red light + salt to move toxins out of the body. Immediately followed by in-suite shower. Towel service, detox drinks + oxygen mask included.


UVB + Ozone

This IV medical treatment is a safe, non-toxic, drug-free, effective treatment that decreases inflammation, creates a natural antimicrobial effect and increases oxygen carrying capacity. UV light + ozone in the blood enhancing the body’s immune response while fighting infections which benefits many patients with varying medical conditions.


Low Dose Antigen Therapy

Low Dose Antigen (LDA) therapy is a safe and very effective treatment for food/seasonal allergies as well as autoimmune diseases. It is a series of intradermal shots (tiny, skin deep) that are usually repeated every two months (6x). Helps with diverse medical conditions. Results are cumulative + long-lasting.


Brain Align

Brain Align, IASIS MicroCurrent Neurofeedback is a powerful and effective drug-free treatment that is designed for optimal mental wellness. Small electrodes are applied to the patient’s head to reflect brain waves and encourage a ‘re-routing’ of established brain wave patterns, to retrain “stuck” patterns. Most feel improvement quickly and long-term sustainable results are accomplished by cumulative treatments. Safe, painless, non-invasive and effective for adults and children, 30-minute sessions.


IV Infusions + Chelation

We’ve built a state-of-the-art IV center that offers a deep array of the the highest-quality customized IV therapies, many that are not commonly available. These are delivered by nurses who have excellent IV skills and are well-versed with our sometimes sensitive patients.

Chelation is an IV / oral protocol that removes toxic heavy metals from the body. This can alleviate many serious health issues long term.


Autonomic Response Testing

ART is a powerful screening tool that helps guide practitioners to the root of underlying and often hidden issues. Used to uncover deficiencies at a sub-clinical level (a problem the person may not be aware of ) and many modern methods of testing may not detect it. It allows the practitioner to correct problems of the autonomic nervous system and restore the self- regulating mechanism of the body, with the goal of returning the body to a state of health. In addition to the head-to-toe evaluation, special attention can be given to evaluate specific solutions and the best order of treatment.

Neural Therapy + Prolozone

Neural Therapy has broad use applications for conditions where the autonomic nervous system is involved and has an interference/block (injury, concussion, scar, sinusitis, more…) often these can be relieved through neural injections using diluted anaesthetics.

Prolozone injections are effective for acute or chronic, localized pain. Uses ozone to promote healing and even regenerate cartilage to damaged joints. Most patients feel the effects quickly and some results are cumulative.


Because issues with digestive “gut” health is an epidemic. We’ve built a state-of-the-art hydrocolonic suite which houses the best closed-system available. Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle method of rinsing the colon with warm water, which allows the the body to expel fecal build-up and mucous plagues. This method of colon cleansing enables essential nutrients to be absorbed more effortlessly, removes harmful bacteria, and leaves you feeling revived and lighter. This help those who have experienced years of constipation, gas, bloating, and other issues eliminating.

Resonance Therapy

Emotional health plays a massive role in disease, very often minimized and even ignored. We recognize that the “E” in DEEP is a key factor in recovery. We employ and recommend a wide variety of emotional healing modalities using gentle and effective non-manipulative healing therapies based on recommendations. Benefits: releases/clears stuck emotions + patterns, calms the central nervous system, may help relieve chronic pain, systemic relaxation, reduces stress, diffuses fear + anxiety, improves sleep.

Supplement Medication Deep Dive

Many patients arrive with a suitcase of items that they take, many that they don’t need. Unfortunately many supplements are not what they claim, are poorly produced, and we find people spending a lot of money on things that do not benefit them and potentially harm. We’ll dive in to help determine what is beneficial (or not) and at what dose/timing and create a real-time wellness plan that can be edited/updated. Patients love this
(often saves them money every month).

EMF Consult

The dramatically increasing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are affecting our health in more ways than most realize (satellites around the world being deployed). Our EMF certified specialists will sit with you and help you determine what your needs are, the goal is to harmonize your body and your home so that you are walking through life without damage. We have seen making these simple changes have a big impact on patients health and the health of their families. Home visits are available (remote and in-person),  emfhelp@deeperhealing.com.

Ion Cleanse

The 30 minute Ion Cleanse begins a gentle detox for up to 48 hours while relaxing the body. We use this treatment to open pathways and get things moving while relaxing. Many claim to feel relaxed during and sleep better the night they use it. It uses medical grade technology and is a non-invasive detox for all ages. Often used in conjunction with many other services to amplify results. Many of our patients have bought these for home use so that it can be part of a regular routine for the whole family. Most effective used in a course.


So grateful, finally answers!

My daughter has been sick for 8 years (now 18), it has been beyond a nightmare to watch her suffer and get no answers. Over the last decade, we have been tireless in our search and we took her to the “best of the best” including The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and The Mayo Clinic. Honestly she has lost all trust in the medical community and she was losing hope. We actually came to Deeper Healing to do the Stay + Heal as a last resort (Thank God) because it was here that Dr. B tested her for things that no one had ever even looked for before and we finally got answers (mold illness). My only regret was not getting here sooner.
Sandy + Lauren, Pennsylvania

Mold patient

“ I have dedicated my life to helping people regain a high quality of life, increase longevity and overall well-being. This is my greatest wish for you” – Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt

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