Our philosophy

We believe in your body’s ability to heal itself.  We believe: that to experience lasting results you must get to the root cause of (dis)ease and the body must do the healing. We believe that lasting answers are dependent upon moving beyond symptoms and discovering what is underneath. We believe that each individual is unique and so are the solutions. We offer the tools to assist the body to heal naturally. We believe in honesty and transparency and resist the norm of using things that help in the short run that potentially hurt in the long run.

How we’re different

We believe it is essential to take the needed time to dive deep into history and root causes. We do not believe that anyone can get to root causes in a 7-12 minute consult. This requires time and true medical detective work. The success of our consults is dependent upon your filling out the detailed intake forms thoughtfully. These e-forms are vital and you’ll most likely be asked questions you’ve never been asked before by a physician. The first consult at Deeper Healing is a 60 minute deep dive based on your in-depth questionnaire and lab results. We recognize that there few practitioners that focus on these types of complex issues and many people are faced with living in an area with no practitioners that can help them recover. This is why so many patients come to Deeper Healing from near and far. Our Stay + Heal Program is designed for this. Don’t let geography hold you back from getting the answers you need. 

Here to help in every way

Most health insurance companies claim integrative, complementary medicine to be elective, and are often not covered by insurance programs (including Medicare and Medicaid). Out-of-pocket costs for these treatments are always something patients are concerned about, we understand. We do our best to help in every way, including financially… we offer need-based scholarships for our Stay + Heal Program, a resource for financing and we have built a foundation for grants to help pay for treatments (clinic code: deep). Many of our big-hearted patients/friends make tax-deductible donations to help pay it forward. 

Common questions

Do you accept insurance? We are not in-network and do not accept insurance as payment. We will supply invoices with diagnostic codes that can be used to submit on your own accord. Reimbursement will depend on the out of network benefits of your particular plan. Payment is expected at the time of service. Often MD consults are considered for reimbursement (check your plan) and we can run blood screening labs through insurance.

 experience the difference… 

Deeper Healing Medical Wellness Center
234 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 110
Charleston SC 29492

The Deeper Healing Medical Center is conveniently located: easy access to the Charleston airport (6 min), 15 minutes drive to downtown Charleston and 15 minutes to the Isles of Palms and Sullivans Island beaches. Myrtle Beach Airport is 1.5 hours drive. 

practice policies

Our policies align with our mission to 
give each and every patient the time and attention
necessary for compassionate care.

Common Sense Courtesy

Because we reserve up to 60 minutes of Dr. Bauerschmidt’s schedule for your first consultation, we require notice no later than 2 business days (Monday – Friday) prior to your scheduled appointment. If notice is not received 2 business days prior to your scheduled appointment we reserve the right to charge your credit card on file for the full cost of the scheduled appointment (holidays and weekends do not constitute business days).


We make every attempt to run on-time. Up to 60 minutes is scheduled for a new patient appointment. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment to avoid inconveniencing other patients. You may also be charged for the missed appointment. For Stay + Heal patients a 1,000. deposit is needed to block two weeks (or more) and request 30 business days notice for changes.

“When you have your health, anything is possible.
When you don’t, nothing else matters.” Michael Bauerschmidt, MD

Fatigue and Brain Fog Gone!

I am 61 years old and Dr. Bauerschmidt was the first physician to correctly diagnose and address my thyroid and adrenal problems which most likely have been at the root of many other issues for years.

For about 5 years before I became his patient, I had been depressed, overweight and unable to take weight off no matter what I did. I was lethargic and tired, found it difficult to think clearly much of the time, and felt like someone many years older than I actually am. Dr. B. knew which tests to order; more importantly, he knew how to interpret the tests correctly and develop an effective treatment plan.

Once I started supporting my adrenals and thyroid according to his instructions, my energy, mental clarity and attitude improved in just a few days. I have been able to lose 12 pounds and am enjoying daily exercise again. In short, I feel like “me” again for the first time in years. I would encourage anyone who suspects a thyroid imbalance but has been told countless times (as I was) that they were “just borderline” or “normal” to not take no for an answer and schedule a visit to Dr. B. It just might change your life.   Darby, Coral Springs FL


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