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What the heck is really going on with me? 

Way too many of the patients we see are very unsure if they are correctly diagnosed and feel lost. Many have insufficient labs and many have never been asked some pertinent questions. We do the medical detective work that takes time. You cannot get to the root cause in a 7-12 minute consult, it is not possible. We take the time to gather all the clues by examining this extensive personal history. Our online intake is such a crucial part of the process and deserves your thoughtful attention. It will include the Deeper Healing components: Diet, Emotion (relationships, stress level, trauma etc.), Environment (home, water, food, chemical exposure etc.), Physical (exercise, sleep habits, symptoms etc.). We do this to achieve our mutual goal of lasting results.

Discovery Labs is born…

Half the battle is knowing what you’re dealing with… many patients choose our Discovery Labs as their first step. We highly recommend it. As one of the top Functional and Environmental physicians in the US, people from all over the country want a consult from Dr. Bauerschmidt for his medical opinion on their case. Over and over again we have provided answers for patients who have lost hope, who have seen many varied practitioners with little result or declining health. Too often Dr. B would say there was just not enough information, insufficient lab results or the right questions had not been asked yet. Deeper Discovery was born from a need for the many stuck in a downward spiral who wanted answers. Deeper Healing gets different results due to a different approach and being incredibly particular about labs/testing. Whether you live locally or across the country you can benefit from getting great lab results, a solid answer and comprehensive treatment plan. With this patients are armed to make great decisions about next steps.

Discovery Lab Package Cost  1,000.  

WHAT YOU RECEIVE (consultations, deep-dive labs + comprehensive treatment plan)

•  The Deeper Healing Intake In-depth history includes many questions 
you’ve probably never been asked before (especially by an MD)

  Initial Consult with Dr. Bauerschmidt Initial 30min consult to review
your Intake forms and discuss/determine testing plan (consults value 350.)

•  Comprehensive Discovery Labs  (labs are a 1700. value) >
Can be arranged at your geographic location or done locally

•  Discovery Consult with Dr. Bauerschmidt  30min consult to go over findings, receive medical opinion on root causes and what’s going on, plus treatment solutions.

  Comprehensive Deeper Healing Treatment Plan  A personalized document that includes recommendations with timing/order of treatments and estimated costs.  

  Care Coordinator Consult  One of our professional care coordinators will explain the details of the recommended treatments, costs, answer questions you may have and walk you through all the details of what you need to know. We are here to help you on this healing journey. 

ADDITIONAL DETAILS If you don’t live locally our lab advocate will coordinate blood draws to be done near where you live* and those results will be sent to Deeper Healing Medical Wellness Center (*not available in all states). Other boxed tests will be shipped to your home with instructions, once completed they are sent postage paid to the lab and those results are also sent to us. Once all the results are in… your Discovery Consult is scheduled. During the Discovery Consult you will learn what Dr. Bauerschmidt thinks is going on with your specific case in addition to potential root causes and environmental dangers/concerns from your area/home. You will receive a Comprehensive Treatment Plan with details on what is recommmended and in what order to begin your healing journey. This bundle price is dependent upon health insurance, if you do not have insurance we can supply a cash price.

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So grateful, finally answers!

My daughter has been sick for 8 years (now 18), it has been beyond a nightmare to watch her suffer and get no answers. Over the last decade, we have been tireless in our search and we took her to the “best of the best” including The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and The Mayo Clinic. Honestly she has lost all trust in the medical community and she was losing hope. We actually came to Deeper Healing as a last resort (Thank God) because it was here that Dr. B tested her for things that no one had ever even looked for before and we finally got answers (mold illness). My only regret was not getting here sooner.  
Sandy + Lauren, Pennsylvania

Mold patient

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