Deeper Healing Dr Michael Bauerschmidt

Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt is a rare physician indeed.

Highly educated and professionally experienced, he brings a unique approach and immeasurable wisdom to the fortunate patients that he treats and heals.

BACKGROUND Dr. Bauerschmidt received his Medical Degree from the Ohio State University, was residency trained in Family Practice and board certified in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Bauerschmidt spent more than 22 years in Emergency Medicine, including Medical Director of Emergency Services at Imperial Point Medical Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He received his MBA from the University of South Florida and his undergraduate (Cum Laude) from the University of Toledo. Dr. Bauerschmidt is a member and past President of the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and is certified in Chelation Therapy by ACAM. He also completed a year-long Fellowship in Environmental Medicine under the most esteemed practitioners. Currently Dr. Bauerschmidt is the National Medical Advisor for LiveO2 and is well-known for his use and design of a powerful cellular cleanse protocol using Live02 ( combined with other modalities. 

FORK IN THE ROAD Dr. Bauerschmidt’s personal and professional life were transformed after a debilitating car accident and illness due to mold exposure.  These experiences caused him to abandon the traditional medical model and dig deeper, to focus on preventing disease and resolving the root cause of chronic problems, naturally.  He is well known for his work on hard-to-treat cases and specializes in Functional & Environmental Medicine: environmental illness, chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies, natural pain management and a wide range of brain disorders.  

Dr. Bauerschmidt’s philosophy of treating the whole person and understanding the root cause of illness is supported by his training as a Life Coach, through the Coaches Training Institute and Certified by the Physician Coaching Institute. The culmination of all of his personal and professional experience has led him to create this proprietary DEEPER Healing model. Ever humble, Dr. B attributes much of his success to surrounding himself with an amazing team.


The culmination of all of his life’s work, personal and professional experience
has led him to create this proprietary Deeper Healing model.

   Deeper Healing does not advertise, keeping costs low so that patients that need help can get it. It has grown grassroots from patients sharing their stories. Here are just a few:

May what I’ve learned on my healing journey help you now…

Confession… I’m the last person I thought would ever be practicing “natural” health care. Just imagine, for 25 years I worked as an ER physician, snatching people from the jaws of death, patching them up, and sending them on their way. I was the king of “acute interventional medicine.”

Then one day, a funny thing happened that changed my life. I had a terrible car accident. Of course, it wasn’t so funny at the time: the injuries to my neck, back, and shoulders were so severe that I was in constant pain. I could no longer do my job, so I went on disability. I began a steady diet of pain and anti-inflammatory pills. It was not a good time in my life.

A chance encounter with a former medical colleague changed everything. This colleague told me he was having luck using Vitamin C infusions to enhance cellular health. He suggested I give it a try.

Honestly, I was pretty skeptical. After all, there is nobody more dedicated to traditional Western medicine (ie: drugs and surgery) than an emergency room doctor. Vitamin infusions? I wondered how on earth those could possibly help me. But I gave it a try, and an amazing thing happened. My body responded. The pain began to lessen. But even more amazingly, my mind began to open up to new possibilities of health and healing.

Could it be that there was more to wellness than my traditional medical training had taught me? 

I quit the prescription meds cold turkey. I began taking oral anti-oxidant supplements. I did massage and physical therapy. I was getting better: not just in my neck, back, and shoulders, but in my whole body. And guess what? The only side-effects were positive! And that’s when this former ER physician realized that if a natural, whole body approach to wellness could help me recover from such drastic injuries, then I could surely also help others to stay healthy and prevent disease. This line of thinking was totally contrary to what I had been taught in medical school. After all, doctors treat disease, they don’t prevent it!

Since those fateful days in 2004, I have continued to learn a great many things about health and healing. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to learn about Functional & Environmental Medicine from some of the leading physicians in the USA and Canada. Through this education I heal myself and now I offer this expertise at The Deeper Healing Medical Wellness Center.

I’m thankful for the journey, rough though it has been at times, that brought me here. It has allowed me to discover that being healthy is not merely living without illness; it is a wellness of body, mind, and spirit that allows us to add life to our years and not just years to our life. So, I am excited to offer you a comprehensive health recovery, maintenance and improvement program that looks at your whole being and not just your “sick parts.”

Are you ready to join us on a journey to wellness – body, mind, and spirit?  –  Mike Bauerschmidt, MD

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