Mold is a type of fungus that grows as a colony. Not that long ago this class of organism usually only affected human health in the forms of athlete’s foot, jock itch and the occasional hay fever type allergy, but no longer. Since we began to build energy efficient, increasingly airtight homes health related mold issues have exponentially increased in both severity and frequency. Our airtight homes don’t “breathe” as well as older construction. This results in increased condensation, a delay in drying time for any water overflow from our air-conditioning systems, broken pipes, leaky windows or even the ill placed drywall nail. This increased water has allowed mold to thrive and to affect our health.

Mold is made up of three components: hyphae, spores, and mycotoxins. Let’s briefly look at how each of these affect our health.
Hyphae are basically the skeleton for the mold and can be the source of allergic reactions like runny nose, watery eyes and even cough and asthma. The spores, which are the seeds by which the molds expand their territory cause similar reactions to the hyphae. The mycotoxins however are another story entirely. These are chemicals that are often carcinogenic as well as immunosuppressive. So not only can they cause cancer they can also suppress the immune system that allows the cancer to grow. This immune system compromise can also result in ongoing, unremitting, infections like chronic Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infections. Indeed, there is increasing evidence that at least over half of the chronic Lyme is due to an underlying, undiagnosed mold issue.

Dr. Bauerschmidt has personally suffered horribly (and recovered) from the effects of black mold immune suppression and brain fog. He unfortunately knows too well how people suffer with mold in their systems and has dedicated his life to helping others recover. He finds many patients have no idea this is what is underlying their conditions. Dr. B is an expert in mold illness uses state-of-the-art labs to determine if mold is an issue and exactly what mold(s) you may have and what you must do to heal from it.

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